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Any public inquiries or complaints regarding the Land Administration may be filed to
Public Complaint System (e-Complaint) or call us at 04 - 477 8224 / 04 - 477 0073


Any feedback or comments relating to malfunction of OFFICIAL PORTAL or other related issues
with the agency, please submit it in the Feedback / Comment or email to


Bangunan Sri Perak Darul Ridzuan,
Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab,
30000 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Telefon: 05-209 5000 / 05-253 1957
Fax: 05-243 4451

Answer : No. The applicant must obtain the extension of the Development Order period before submitting the application for land development to this Department.

Answer: Can appeal to extend the payment period provided that only consideration will be given if the application is submitted before the expiry date of Form 5A.
Applications are considered invalid if 5A is not settled and appeals are not submitted within the period. If you are still interested, the applicant must submit a new application (Form 1) to be reconsidered.

Answer: Actually, there is no term extension in the land law. The only process is to make a surrender submission under Section 197 of the National Land Code and apply for re-legalization under Section 42 (1) (a) of the NTS with the duration of the lease being determined by the State Authority (PBN).

Answer: For leasehold land that has lapsed for a lease period, a new application (using Form 1 Schedule) must be submitted to the Land Office in the district where the land is located for consideration.

Answer: Anyone identified under Section 43 of the National Land Code (KTN) may apply and be considered. However, priorities will be given to the heirs of the original owner, if there is an application.

Answer: The notice space does not need to be completed if there is a company seal on the instrument form.

Answer: The arrest of the 25% compensation will be made if there is a protest of the decision to apply for the project. For example, for a highway project, if there are objections from the LLM, the compensation payments will be withheld as much as 25%.

Jawapan:Ya, dengan bayaran RM40.00 bagi setiap satu (1) hakmilik.

Jawapan:Jika tidak menjelaskan bayaran dalam tempoh 3 bulan Pejabat Tanah akan mengeluarkan notiS 8A
(Rampasan Tanah).







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